The Seven Secrets of a Sexy Smile

How many times have you heard someone say they fell for their partner because of their smile? While there’s more to a smile than good teeth, having healthy teeth that you’re not ashamed to flash is a great start! So here are our tips to keep your teeth happy and healthy:

1. Brush Right
Brush at least twice a day to remove food and plaque, and ideally take a toothbrush to work and brush after lunch. That way you can freshen your breath too, and get rid of any embarrassing trapped food (not sexy). Use a soft or medium toothbrush, as firm ones can damage gums and cause them to recede – that’s not sexy either! Electric toothbrushes clean more efficiently, so consider investing in one. Brush your teeth using small circular movements.

2. Floss or use an Interdental Toothbrush
They’re great at getting into areas you can’t clean properly with your normal toothbrush, but they can be tricky to use, so you may need to ask your dentist for tips. Talking of the dentist…

3. Visit your dentist regularly
It can be pricey. It can be a little uncomfortable experience. But in the long-run, visiting the dentist and hygienist regularly could save you money (and pain) by preventing dental problems before they start.

4. Look after your toothbrush
Rinse your brush after every use and don’t leave it sitting in a puddle, as this encourages bacteria to breed. Check it for splaying or splitting bristles – these are a sign that it’s time to change your toothbrush or brush head. Even if it looks fine, you should change your toothbrush or brush head every 3 months.

5. Follow a teeth-friendly diet
Acidic food and drinks (fruit juice, citrus fruits) are not friends of healthy teeth, and nor are food and drinks that are high in sugar; even diet fizzy drinks can damage teeth with their high level of phosphates. Try to include these foods in meals to give your teeth protection. If you can’t resist fizzy drinks, try making healthier versions with sparkling water and sugar-free squash, or drink them through a straw and avoid them between meals. No chewing the ice-cubes either, as they can splinter your teeth. Carbohydrates can damage teeth too, so go easy on those crisps.

6. Use quality dental products
Look for products approved by a professional dental association. Choose toothpastes and mouthwashes high in fluoride, as this can reverse damage to your teeth and keeps enamel strong and healthy.

7. Respect your teeth
Teeth may seem ideal for ripping tape or holding things when our hands are full, but resist. They’re not designed to be a multi-purpose tool and are easy to fracture – so save them for eating.
Now you know the Seven Secrets, don’t be shy – go and dazzle people with your smile and show off those shiny teeth!