5 Hot Fitness Trends

The fitness industry, rather like fashion and beauty, regularly welcomes new trends that inspire and motivate us to improve health and vitality and to boost confidence in our physical appearance.

The Top 5 fitness trends for 2015 are guaranteed to give your body an ultimate workout.

1. High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT is set to remain top of the list of essential workouts. If you’ve ever done a boot camp workout, high intensity indoor spinning class or energetic video home workout you’ve experienced the fitness trend that works on all levels and creates positive fast results. HIIT is still hot because this type of interval training pushes you to the limit for a set amount of time and then allows you time to recover, before repeating. Working out in this way also makes it hard to get bored so you’re more likely to put in extra effort. High intensity interval training can also be done with different types of equipment, including treadmill, rowing machine, kettle bells and medicine balls, or simply your own body weight.

2. Short workouts are designed to prove that less can sometimes be more. One hour, or longer, workouts are often perceived as a luxury because most people simply don’t have the time to devote to exercise. If you’re time poor you may be more likely to push harder in the time you do have available, which is why many gyms now offer shorter classes and workouts. A 20-minute high intensity blast of interval training works particularly well in circuit format and guarantees your body will feel like it’s had a full workout. Short workouts also require minimal equipment and are ideal for outdoor exercise that relies on body weight or uses portable equipment.

3. Telemetry is the name given to trendy tech toys that keep track on your daily physical activity. Wearable devices like heart rate monitors and wristbands enable you to keep an eye on your performance and can sync up with apps to input data onto your personal log. You can also use apps on your iPhone or smart phone without having to wear any other device. There are automated apps that integrate your personal data so that you can easily monitor physical fitness, nutritional health and just about anything that improves your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

4. Online Workouts give you the flexibility to train at a time that is convenient for you. The growing tech trend of web-based fitness offers versatility and a wide range of fitness challenges and weight loss programmes to choose from. You can stream or download videos and content and create your own mini gym in the comfort of your own home. Whilst there is no real match for the social interaction you get from putting in the hours down at the gym, on the plus side if you always need motivation to exercise you do save money on a gym membership that you rarely use.

5. Recovery is an essential part of fitness that is often overlooked. The popularity of high intensity workouts means you are likely to experience really sore muscles or injury at some point. Recovery or Self Care workouts like Restorative Yoga and Body Balance classes provide an opportunity to combine physical activity with energy restoring exercise that allows the body to heal naturally. Recovery workouts can also be used for warming up and cooling down making them the ideal complementary workout for die-hard fitness fans.

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