Jewelry Safety

There is nothing quite like receiving jewelry as a gift from someone, it can really brighten up a special occasion and it’s also a gift someone will treasure it for a long time. While the gift may have been picked with care and a lot of thought, they can all too easily vanish soon after due to lake of care or theft. Losing treasured jewelry can turn a happy memory into a sad one, and it could mean not just losing the sentimental value the jewelry has, but also be quite a financial loss.
So here’s a quick guide on how to keep your jewelry safe and secure and away from sticky fingers.
Most theft is commented by people we are supposed to trust – the cleaners, babysitters, friends and even your gardener so when you’re are out of the house don’t leave keys available to just anyone. This doesn’t only mean the house keys, but also keys to cupboards or locked doors. It’s basic common sense, but remember to make sure when leaving the house that extra keys are not lying around; keep your spare keys hidden.
Also, if you do know someone is coming over and you might be out – keep your valuable jewelry out of sight. Don’t just leave it on the dresser or in plain view. Put valuables in a safe that has a combination code or somewhere that is hard to reach and out of the way, such a hidden hole in the wall only you know about. Before you leave be aware of how you left the place, that way you can notice straight away if something is wrong.
Lastly, if you have jewelry that holds sentimental value or is a financial investment then it might be a good idea to get some insurance. Holding insurance will give the peace of mind that anything lost due to theft can be replaced or at least some of the financial value may be returned.

Written By Anna Nuttall

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