Please find below a list of frequently asked questions by the PnP Community.

PnP is the resource for everything related to image and appearance. PnP is democratising opinions for all us. You will never again have to wonder if something really does suit you or if your friend wasn’t just being polite when he/she said ‘you look great’. The PnP community will let tell you the ‘democratic’ truth.

Registering is easy. You choose a username and then enter your email address and a password. You will then be taken to a page where you must enter some details about yourself. We will also send you an email to verify your registration.

This is very easy. Once you have registered and entered a few basic details all you have to do is upload an image and click the blue ‘Submit’ button.

In future you wish to upload other images you can do this by using the ‘Rate Me’ page and by selecting what changes, if any, you have made. See ‘What is Rate Me?’, below

Once you request a rating your image will be made visible briefly to other PnP users to rate. It will not be visible to anyone outside of the PnP community unless you choose to make it so. If you are rated in the top ten percent of the community your picture might be selected at random for display on the homepage.

Rate Me is where you request a rating request after you have made changes. You should go to the ‘Rate-Me’ page, upload a new image and use the drop down boxes to select the changes you have made to your hair, weight, fashion & style etc. If you have not made any changes but simply want to be re-rated you can select ‘New Photo but no Change’. ‘Once you have done this simply click the red ‘Rate Me’ button. The PnP community will rate your image.

Yes, simply go to the Rate Me page and upload another copy of the image you wish to have re-rated. Select ‘New photo but no Change’ and click Rate Me.

It’s very easy to ask our friends ‘do you like my new…..’ but can we always rely on them putting truth before tact? The PnP community do not know you – they will simply tell it how it is. So, by collecting data (and, of course making it anonymous) we can report to you what worked for others. Imagine that you have £80 to spend on a new jacket. Wouldn’t it be good to know, for example if people of your gender and your age group rate you higher in a blue one rather than a grey one? From our massive database of changes which you help to build we can help everyone make better decisions.

PnP relies on users rating each other. Anytime you have a few minutes to spare why not help some fellow PnP community users by doing a few ratings. It is so quick and easy and fun to do. You also know that you are helping others too.

Yes, absolutely. Security is important to us. Not only that but any changes you declare e.g. new hairstyle are merely used for data collection and analysis in an anonymous way. The default on the Rate-Me page is that all changes are kept private. It is up to you to choose to make them known to the PnP community if you wish. You might choose to do this, for example, if you are particularly proud of a new hairstyle or outfit you have just bought.

Yes, absolutely. The success of PnP will depend upon maintaining the trust of our users. We would never knowingly do anything to compromise the trust you place in us.

Depending on your Facebook settings we would see your email address and basic information such as name, age & gender. You provide these basic items to us as part of our own sign up process even if you do not use Facebook. If any of your friends are using PnP then we will know this too. We do NOT see any of your other friends and we do not and cannot contact anyone who is not a PnP user. So, in short, signing up with Facebook is completely safe.

The default on the ‘Rate-Me’ page is to keep your changes private. However, if you want to tell everyone what you have changed then simply check this box. When the PnP community see the image you want them to Rate/Re-Rate they will also see the changes you have declared to us e.g. Teeth whitening or new glasses.

The PnP community are all of the PnP users i.e. anyone who has signed up to PnP. When you request a rating your image is sent to various members of the community to obtain for you a democratic report on your appearance.

These are a great resource. They are articles of interest which we have obtained, have been asked to consider publishing, or have been written by our users etc. Importantly, they are all relevant and all easy to read.

This is a great facility. Imagine that you are in a department store and you that you are trying to choose one of three different coloured jackets – say, red, blue & black. You can’t make up your mind which is best so you take a picture with your phone of yourself wearing each jacket in turn.

Go to the Rate Me page, selecting, upload the first image and, in this case, choose Fashion & Style and tick ‘Jacket’. Repeat this for the other two jackets. When the ratings come back you will know how other people see you in these jackets. This will help you make your choice.

There are three really good reasons to be truthful about your changes.

  1. Any changes you declare are absolutely confidential unless you choose to tell others.
  2. All PnP users benefit because we analyse the change information for everyone to use.
  3. You can look back at your history of changes and the photos to which they relate and see how people rated your changing images.

If you delete your account then your image(s) will no longer be shown to other PnP community users. Any data that you entered will have already become part of the data analysis in the same way as responses you might give in a survey.

No, absolutely not. If any company wishes to send information to our users then it will be done as part of our regular emails to users. We will NEVER give or sell your email address or identity to others unless required to do so by law. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details

These are random images of users who have been rated as being in the top ten percent of our community.

You can see your current image’s rating, the history of your ratings and the changes you made which resulted in those ratings on your profile page.

The first number is the image rating i.e. average score out of 10 which those who have rated your image have given to it. This is great for, say, a shopping check or a quick assessment of how a particular image is perceived by others.

The second number is the really interesting number. This is your percentile figure. It shows where you are in the spectrum of appearance. We can’t all be like a stunning Hollywood superstar but wouldn’t it be nice to how the world perceives us relative to others?

If you receive this message it means that 75% of the PnP community have received a higher rating than you. So, instead of giving you a rating number we will check to see what has worked for other users of the same gender, same age group etc and provide guidance on how to improve your rating.