Healthy Eyes & Teeth

When it comes to your facial features, the two most important things people first notice are your eyes and your smile. It’s thought that you can really tell what a person is like by looking into their eyes and also you can tell their hygiene by looking at their teeth. For example, you wouldn’t hire a person who hides behind their sunglasses and have rotten bad teeth would you? So healthy eyes and healthy teeth matter, and not just in terms of appearance – let’s face it you do need your eyes and teeth for looking eating.
Let’s look at teeth first and how you can keep them healthy.
Brushing your teeth might be a boring chore to do every day, especially if you are in a rush in the morning or if you’re tired, and sometimes the chore of brushing your teeth might even seem pointless at the time and you think nothing will ever happen to them anyway. Well, this is where you are wrong as not brushing your teeth leads to all sorts of damages and expensive trips to the dentist. Rotten teeth leads to bad breath, decay and gum disease, plus it’s also plain ugly and makes it harder for you to speak clearly.
So in order to keep your teeth clean and healthy you should brush your teeth at least twice a day (morning and night), see the dentist every 6-12 months (that’s not that bad!) and avoid food and drinks that contain a lot sugar as it will decay the teeth’s surface.
Now let look at Eyes and how you can keep them healthy.
Eyes are supposed to be the window to a person’s soul, so looking into someone eyes is a great way to see how they are feeling or as a way of expressing how you feel by crying when upset or half closing them if you’re feeling sleepy. While you may think eyes don’t need to be maintained as much as teeth, you’d be surprised.
If you spend a lot of your time on the computer during the day time, try and take a few breaks as your eyes can get tired and you can strain them. By being on the computer constantly can eventually make you short-sighted which will mean you find it difficult to see things in the distance. If you notice your eyes hurting you more than normal and experience headaches and dizziness, then go see a doctor or an optician as you might need to wear glasses.
Try and see an optician every 6-12 months just as general check-up, even if nothing is wrong with your sight. Also try and do some eye exercises, blinking slowly and rolling your eye balls. If you can, at the end of the day staring at the screen, lie in a darkened room and keep your eyes closed for a few minutes.
Written By Anna Nuttall