• So, when your body is how you want it inside and out you might then wish to consider how to best show it off. Read about the latest fashions, simple tips on how to tweak your appearance whether casual or formal and how you can look your best without being told what you must wear this season.

  • The girls gone wild – leopard print is back for A/W14

    Feb 14, 2015 22962 Views

    My addiction to leopard print is one that translates from season to season – I love it. If you open up my wardrobe, you will find row upon row of staple leopard pieces from years gone by and, as we step into A/W 14, I couldn’t be happier that leopard [. .]

  • The Fashion Industry: Facts and Figures that are Quite Shocking


    Did you know that there are seven billion people on the planet? If you were to count one number, each second, never stopping until you reached a billion, you would have to count consecutively for 31 years and 259 days. That is how staggering a billion really is. If every [. .]